What is Dyson?

Dyson is a decentralized & multichain yield-maximiser. It maximizes yield through carefully crafted strategies which are managed on-chain, making perpetual yield farming accessible to the average user.

Every strategy is secured and automated by smart contracts. Dyson automatically harvests & reinvests yield rewards to ensure compounding interest to depositors. The vaults created for Dyson's strategies are completely permission-less & trust-less, meaning that users are completely in control of their crypto & can withdraw at any time they like.

Who created Dyson?

Dyson was created by a group of builders from Sphere Finance. The project is currently under the umbrella of Sphere Finance products.

What makes Dyson unique?

Dyson is made unique by its exotic strategies. These are strategies that follow a string of yield-bearing investments that make up one massive strategy. This can heighten APYs significantly, at varying degrees of risk.

These strategies are built on some of the most fee-generating platforms in DeFi.

What is $SPHERE?

$SPHERE is the de-facto governance token of Dyson. Any governance proposals created on Dyson is voted-on using $ylSPHERE, a locked receipt token of $SPHERE.

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