There is currently only one Multisig meant for Dyson. Its current purpose is to accumulate fees on Polygon vaults from Dyson to fuel the Sphere Earnings Pool. The key holders of the 4-out-of-8 Multisig are:

  • Simsala - Lead Contract Dev & Tokenomics

  • Geometrus - Lead Front-end Dev

  • Lilo Lefebvre - Marketing & Comms

  • Yohaan John Neroth - Polygon BD

  • Dr. Tetu - Tetu & Polygon BD

  • Kato Tenma - Community member

  • DeFi Moonbird - Community member

  • Ralph ⚕ - Sphere Finance staff

For additional security, all signers are either publicly or privately doxxed. All Sphere Finance signers are KYC'd via The Obsidian Council.

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