Liquid Market

Make your governance flow

Liquid Market is a section of Dyson tailored purely towards governance token holders. The strategies included both yield-farm using locking incentives of the tokens, as well as act as a liquid wrapper for users who want to make the most of their governance tokens with the additional exit possibility.

How does a Liquid Market strategy work?

Users who want to use their governance tokens without locking them can deposit into our strategies. They will then be given a receipt token to the vault which will act as a yield-bearing asset.

The governance tokens are then locked for the maximum duration possible, leaving 10% of the tokens to allow users to withdraw their tokens. The amount a user's tokens is locked is dependant on what the ratio of reserve-locked tokens is. The vault automatically locks enough to keep a 90-10 ratio.

Incentives are then given to users directly, or farmed with for more yield to the depositor. When a user wants to withdraw, they exit with a fee used to upkeep the reserve.

Why use Liquid Market?

Liquid Market is a way to make the most out of governance tokens without locking them for long periods of time. The lock periods in most protocols range from 16 weeks up to 4 years. Liquid Market's vaults take the liability of having to lock tokens for governance purposes & take a performance fee on the yield & distribute the majority of the rewards to the depositor.

Do I keep my governance when depositing into Liquid Market?

It depends on the governance token. We recommend reviewing our detailed strategy explanations on our Medium to find out if the vault you are looking for gives you governance rights or not.

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