How to use Dyson

How to get into yield-farming quickly

How to connect to Dyson?

Simply click the 'Connect Wallet' button on the top right corner of the dApp. From then on, you will be greeted with the following screen:

From then on, choose your preferred wallet. You are now connected to Dyson & can interact with our vaults.

How to choose what vault to deposit to?

We have a wide range of strategies & vaults that make Dyson what it is. To find more specific strategies, use our filter system.

The filter section of our dApp is available on the left-hand side. From there you can:

  • Search for strategies

  • Filter strategies you've already deposited to

  • Strategies you have assets for in your wallet

  • Filter by chain

  • Filter by asset

  • Filter by APY

  • Filter by TVL

  • Filter by platform

Play with the filters to find what strategies fit your goals.

How do I redeem dysontokens for the initially deposited tokens?

The process is very simple. Simply input the amount of LP you wish to withdraw & press the 'Withdraw' button when you want to withdraw.

The process then requires you to confirm the transaction in your wallet.

How do I deposit into a position manager vault?

When depositing into a position manager vault on Dyson, you need to make sure you own a 50-50 ratio of the tokens necessary for the vault. Once you do, you simply deposit the amount you want to LP. Please note that zapping is available on Dyson, which allows for single-side deposits.

You will then be prompted to confirm the transaction in your wallet of choice.

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