Sphere Earnings Pool

Incentivizing Dyson Governance

Sphere Earnings Pool is a Dyson vault in which holders of Dyson's governance token, $SPHERE, must lock their tokens in order to unlock its governance capabilities. In exchange, depositors are given governance rights, as well as a share of fees in Dyson & Sphere Finance products.

How does the Sphere Earnings Pool work?

The Sphere Earnings Pool is a vault which locks your $SPHERE tokens for 16 weeks. They are then given $ylSPHERE (yield-locked SPHERE), a Sphere Earnings Pool proof-of-deposit. From then on, depositors earn a variable APR of a basket of assets. The yield is fueled by Dyson's performance fees.

How frequent are rewards?

The rewards are epoch based. Every week the rewards are distributed to stakers.

What can I do with $ylSPHERE?

While you own $ylSPHERE, you earn yield from Dyson's performance fees & are able to participate in any governance decision on Dyson.

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